Nutrition Workshops

From corporate wellness to community center gyms, workshops can be tailored to your needs. Please use the contact page to reach us and discuss the possibilities! 

Private Counseling

Initial Session, 1 hour: 

Let us get to know you! An initial session is designed to cover basic medical, nutrition, and lifestyle history. We will also discuss your current needs and goals and set a plan for you to start achieving these goals! This session will come with a packet of information curated for you by your nutritionist so you have all the tools at your fingertips when you needs them. Appointments can be made via video chat, in-person at one of our home offices, or even at your home or location of choice for an extra charge. $150

Follow-up Sessions, 30 minutes:

Talk with your nutritionist whenever you like! We recommend regular follow ups at least once per month to keep you on track. These sessions will be designed to check in with progress towards your goals, and help you make any adjustments need to continue your wellness journey. $75

Weekly Check-ins, 15 minutes:

Want more regular support? Our team is here for all your needs, including weekly reviews of food journals, or ongoing tips to navigate your daily challenges. Check-in with your nutritionist every week for up to 15 minutes. $35


Secure your success now by purchasing sessions in bulk!

1 initial session + 2 follow-ups. You can schedule your sessions at your own pace. Get 10% off when you purchase this package. $270

1 initial + 3 weekly check-ins. 4 weeks of continuous support. Get 10% off when you purchase this package. $230